Lead your organization with your employees to success.

With our digital success paths, you can become a top coach for your organization. For motivated people who want to achieve success independently, strengthen team culture and attract specialists.

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Success in the new world of work comes from inspiring each individual to act independently, whereby individual strengths promote the common goal of the organization. That's exactly what Erfolgsucher (Success Seeker) does.

We promote the development of employees.

Integrated learning modules in our paths to success promote your personal growth. You can transfer findings seamlessly into the organization.

We strengthen teamwork and corporate culture.

By involving everyone with expertise right from the start, you promote interaction with each other and increase your attractiveness as an employer. 

We anchor success and solution thinking.

With the “Thread of Success” you can find your way to success in the team even without academic training and apply “business excellence” naturally.

We lead teams towards the organization's specific success goals.

From well-founded self-assessments to complex transformations. Thanks to step-by-steps structure and AI support, teams can master even the most demanding tasks.

We enable the seamless acquisition of valuable recognition.

As self-empowered teams, you can seamlessly conduct external reviews through our partners and receive valuable public recognition. 

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Be the architect of your future

What do our customers say?

Kaharina Barrett
The road to success: conducting excellence assessments cooperatively
Our quality management team has effectively prepared for future assessments with the success seeker. The transparency of the challenges and the opportunity to come up with creative solutions were particularly valuable. One highlight was the AI assessment simulator, which gave participants a vivid insight into the interviews and allayed their fears.
Head of Quality Management and Data Protection Officer, Valens Clinics
Path to success: Check - successfully shaping the future
A tennis club with many members and a lot of effort - and an honorary board right in the middle of it all. Erfolgsucher has helped us to bring together the team's different perceptions and ideas for the future of the club despite our limited time and resources. Based on our joint findings, we have set a valuable course for the future.
Head of Marketing & Communication, TC Wettswil
Noah WIBS - 2022
Path to success: Check - mastering digital change
Our team of employees independently embarked on the first stage of the new "SME Digital Roadmap". The main advantage was the independent learning of the basics and the direct application to our organization. Along the way, we developed valuable ideas for improving our digitalization, which we proudly presented to the management.
Project Manager, Biel-Seeland Chamber of Commerce
The road to success: conducting excellence assessments cooperatively
We have prepared our employees for the assessor interviews of an Excellence Assessment with the Success Path. The path provides useful knowledge in a low-threshold manner and gives employees more security. It also facilitates coordination and interaction between Participants. We recommend an early start and sufficient time for the team.
Director, Kilchberg Sanatorium
Path to success: Check - successfully shaping the future
For the successful future of our foundation, we looked for efficient ways to strategically utilize the creativity of our community. Erfolgsucher made our work easier. As a team, we developed new innovative procedures and offers for customers. The result: we are further strengthening our market position by offering our customers unique benefits.
President of the Board of Trustees, ESPRIX Excellence Suisse

Our renowned partners support your success

Every Success Trail has a tour guide. This can consist of one or more persons. It’s up to you who takes on the role(s). It can be the buyer, the management or anyone in your team.

What are the tasks of the tour guide?

The task of the tour guide is to ensure that the team achieves the set target. The tour guide should in particular …:

  • make sure that you are pursuing the right goal for success.
  • support you if you have (comprehension) problems. To this end, the tour guide should always walk ahead of you so that they know what the team expects.
  • make sure that you achieve the Success Trail together and within the desired time frame.
  • provide a constructive and protected environment. As a team, you should always be able to communicate openly and respectfully with each other.
  • be your first point of contact for problems or suggestions etc.

What skills does the tour guide have?

In order to support the team in achieving the success target, the tour guide has the following competencies. The tour guide can… :

  • in the Success Center to invite and uninvite participants to the Success Trail. All participants should take part voluntarily and also have enough time to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • store information about your organization in the success center. This information helps to individualize your learning experience on selected Success Trails.
  • In selected Success Trails, store information that sharpens the focus of the trail or the success goal and improves your understanding (e.g. “by customers, we mean our patients”). This information is displayed at the appropriate points along the route.
  • Success Trails determine what the team should do in concrete terms during implementation – which always takes place outside the system. Of course, the team can decide this together, but it is up to the tour guide to document this decision appropriately.